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Our book entitled ”High Sensitivity in the Family” is about our family; where Karsten (Father) is non-sensitive, whilst Lone (Mother) and our children Mark, Mads and Simone are all highly sensitive. (Based on and inspired by the theory of Elaine A. Aron about HSP).

Lone and Karsten decided to write the book following their participation in the American documentary “Sensitive – the untold story”. In the book Karsten and Lone tell about their experiences over the past 20 years, using different situations from both their relationship and raising the children to show how they have lived with and learnt about HSP. The book was written in a quite organic way; Karsten and Lone each conducted a brainstorm about all the topics they might find interesting, and then each wrote their chapters without reading each other’s writing.

The book is now available in our web-shop (also as eBook)

As an introduction to this book, Mark and the rest of the family have made this movie. English subtitles is available for the movie – click settings to turn on :

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